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FAQ's for Agents

You need to make sure that:
• The students read and understand the pre-enrolment information and the student handbook .
• The students understand the enrolment process, sign the application form and acknowledge the enrolment agreement.
• The course requirements has been explained to the student and they understand the course outcomes, course description, course outline and course prerequisites.
• Students understand their payment schedule of fees & pay on the due dates
• You clearly explained when the course starts, what time students need to attend orientation, and College deferral policy.
• You clearly explained visa conditions and students’ obligations.

Yes of course, as long as there is a commitment from the agent side to deliver the required students.

Send and email to and request brochures with full address details.

A: Contact Accounts Receivables at
State the following information:
• Student’s Name
• Which college enrolled
• What is he/she studying (course name)
We will respond within a few days


Send and email to and request the artwork and other relevant details.

Both are possible, either way we can work on this. Please contact our marketing department to discuss.

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