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Sharing is Caring

Cambridge College International has embarked on a beautiful project in Thailand led by our marketing colleague Mon Sinprasong. Under the slogan, “Sharing is Caring”, Mon set out to ship a few boxes of CCI bottles to the children of a school in the province of Kachanaburi.

Mon says, “I have the chance to travel to Thailand often for work and visit family, which allows me to visit rural areas and donate food and basic staples to people in need. On my last trip I saw many poor countryside school kids lacking basic clothing, shoes, and stationary. Seeing the kids hang out in the playground barefoot and share filthy cups of water, I realized that I could perhaps talk to my colleagues at CCI in order to make those tiny smiles grow larger.

Our Cambridge College International is a growing institution with a clear commitment to make our students’ dreams come true. Yet how about the dreams of those students who can’t afford to come all the way to Sydney to learn English and live a once-in-a-lifetime experience? Why not bring instead a bit of Australia to these rural schools and make them feel that we care about them too; that we care about these kids who will soon turn into adults and inspire other generations?”

As Mon reflected on this, it was already evident that something beautiful was underway. And she was determined to make a difference. “I arrived back in Sydney before Christmas (2016) with the ‘Sharing is Caring’ campaign already in mind. I could not stop thinking about the fact that those kids did not have their own mug or bottle to drink water, something quite established in any western school. So I discussed with the college and we agreed to send CCI bottles to these young school children!”


Mon organized the shipment of the CCI drinking bottles to Sao Hong Elementary School in Kanchanaburi as a Valentine’s Day gift for the students. “This is a sign of love aimed at raising happiness and unity. The kids have their own clean bottles now, and I can’t describe my bliss when seeing the glow in their joyful faces. It was a beautiful reminder of how little it takes to truly help someone”.

Cambridge College International praises Mon Sinprasong for such a generous attitude, and continues to take pride in having such a caring team of dedicated professionals with a unique mission to make students’ journey a story to remember.

March 7, 2017
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